Visually Impaired US Girl Explains How She Operates her iPhone Aided by Voice Assistant – News18

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Just like food, cloth and housing, smartphones have also become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. However, have you ever wondered about how a visually impaired person would use his or her phone?

Michigan resident Kristy Viers took to Twitter to explain how any visual impaired person operates their phone. “I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.”

In the clip, the US girl shows how she slides her fingers through the screen of the phone as it spells out the icon’s name. She then double clicks on the application she wants to open. The phone’s voice assistant reads out all the tweets or messages for the user as she scrolls through them.

While she describes that one can type using the phone’s keypad, there is a special braille keypad designed for the visually impaired. In fact, this is pretty much the same to a blind person using any device, including phones and laptops.

Netizens thanked the girl for her video in which she has explained about her experience. A user mentioned, “Thanks so much, Christy, for doing this for sighted people, and other blind people like myself too! It’s always very helpful for anyone to understand how we use assistive tech. How did you film this? Also, you sound super young!!! I thought you were older…. but I guess not!”

Here are some other comments:

The video has received immense love and has been viewed over 4.6 million times. Around 3 lakh people have liked the demonstration clip.


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