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Question papers are sometimes filled with surprises. In the sense that there are topics that you pick from the syllabus, thinking they are more important than others, but the analysis gets trumped by the question paper. The examiner sets questions from topics that you think won’t be touched and vice-versa. A question paper is going viral on social media for a question nobody was expecting. However, the premise of the question was all about what the students were expecting. Shared on Twitter by a user named Rebekah L. Rogers, the question, last in the paper, caught a monumental amount of attention. The question read, “There is something that you spent time studying that was not asked on the exam. What is it? And how does it work? Explain in detail.” We are certain that the question would have taken students by surprise. Sharing the picture, the user in the caption wrote, “I kind of like this question.”

Since being shared, the tweet has racked up more than one lakh likes. The reactions to the question were a mixed bag. While many users appreciated the effort put by the examiner, many rode their train of thought in the other direction.

“I would like more of this, please,” wrote one user.

Another wrote, “If only each exam had this one question, intelligence instead of memory capacity would be examined.”

“The way my brain would short circuit if I saw this on my exam,” wrote another.

Some took the tweet under the microscope and critiqued the question.

“Unfairly biased towards very confident and persuasive children who will be happy to make anything they have done fit. The more analytical and scientific students would lose out on this,” wrote one user.

One user shared another peculiar question that she, as a teacher, asks her students in the exam. She wrote, “I also like ‘Write your own question, and then answer it.’ I have had students write great questions and sometimes answer their own questions wrong.” The user even mentioned that she uses good questions in future exams.

What are your views about this unique attempt at assessing students?

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