Vesper Token (VSP) now live on Bittrex Global Cryptocurrency Exchange – HedgeWeek

VSP – the token powering the Vesper ecosystem – is now available to trade on cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex Global.

Vesper offers a suite of easy-to-use, yield-generating products that combine DeFi’s innovation and promise with the professionalism required to advance the sector. As Vesper’s core economic engine, VSP incentivises community participation and facilitates governance.

“Vesper’s listing on Bittrex Global provides an additional onramp for VSP and users interested in a platform that’s creating a shared surface area between DeFi and TradFi,” says Jordan Kruger, co-founder of Vesper Finance. “The Vesper community’s goal is to create a world where professionalized DeFi options are easier to access. This is one more step in that direction.”


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