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BROCKTON – Next Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, and the big question is, do you have anything planned for a romantic date or a fun night out with friends? If not, here are nine fun date ideas for the Day of Love and Appreciation.

Our list comprises fun date activities, spa treatments, workouts, and unique photoshoot ideas. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just a random Wednesday night. It should be a day to show yourself and others some much-needed TLC and appreciation.

Nothing says “I love you” more than self-care and happiness.

Stage Karaoke is one place to sing your heart out and enjoy crafted cocktails. The establishment has a dark, moody theme, bright neon lights, and a vibe you don’t want to miss. Customers can pre-book a room online for large or small parties. If it’s a last-minute type of night where you finished plans and still want a nightcap, they accept walk-ins for the main stage, where anyone can perform a song in front of all the guests. This might be a little scary if you have stage fright, but I promise you everyone will sing along and dance to the beat.

Try a new restaurant for V-day! Brockton Eats with Alisha: Taste the flavors of Italy right in Brockton

Start Valentine’s Day with a spa day that indulges in self-care. The local business is giving 50% off vagicials once you book for a Brazilian wax. At the spa business, Made You Look Beauty you can get facials, waxes, and body facials

Muse Paint Bar – 264 Legacy Place, Dedham

Muse Paint Bar is one art class that gets you loose and lets your creativity run wild. The franchise has several locations around the area, including Patriot Place and Assembly Row.

Guests can look online to book a painting that they like, and the instructor will teach them step-by-step how to paint like a pro. The best part about this is everyone will leave with a beautiful painting you can hang in your home. It doesn’t matter what level you are as an artist; the painting will be amazing and unique. No two paintings are alike, which makes the experience so special. The paint bar also has wine, beer, and handheld appetizers.

Valentine’s Day Couples work out with a trainer

Local fitness trainer Kiana Weary from Brockton is the CEO of ConFitdence Fitness, a health and wellness business. Weary is hosting a couples workout that targets the entire body from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., ending the workout with a mimosa mingle. This could be the perfect activity if you’re a workout enthusiast or kicking the year off with better habits.

This luxury movie theater has an extensive drink menu starting at $12, from juicy lime mojitos to fruit-flavored margaritas with light snacks and refreshments. The movies are an excellent place to end the night after dinner. The movie theater is located at 73 Mazzeo Drive in Randolph. One Valentine’s Day, the Bob Marley: One Love movie is coming out, which could be an excellent watch for a friend or someone special.

Looking for some local plans? Visit the stunning Enso Gallery located in the heart of Brockton’s downtown. Materials and painting supplies will be provided, so just come on in and enjoy the session. Light snacks and refreshments will be included with the ticket.

Top Golf – 777 Dedham St., Canton

Top Golf is one of my favorite things to do as an outing with the girls. Hitting the ball and missing is one big group laugh and many memories to share. The best part about it is the views from the third-story deck and the cocktails flowing from the bar. The business takes online reservations and also walk-ins. If you plan on doing a walk-in, go as soon as possible, but try to make a reservation online.

Book yourself a special Valentine Day inspired photoshoot with Kevin Augustin, a local photographer from Brockton. Augustin has an eye for out-of-the-box shoots. He can recreate any idea a client may want, from colorful smoke flowing to maternity shoots on a swing. He has it all, even props.

Dive into another Valentine Day photoshoot idea with Iconic Photo Booths, a local photo rental business. Customers can book a session by contacting the business on their Instagram page iconicphotobooths_bos.


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