Used car guide: the best second-hand Bentleys from £8000

And the rest was fabulous. When new, it was more powerful than the most powerful Ferrari on sale. Despite its size and weight, it would pop sub-5.0sec 0-60mph times and this, remember, is not the still more gutsy ‘Speed’ version we’re talking about, just the everyday standard product. 

Why are they so cheap today? Luxury saloons aren’t cool and never have been. Almost all made in reasonable numbers plummet in value and just because this one is a Bentley does not make it an exception. That, coupled with the fact that Bentley oversupplied the market with cars in the early years. 

But there’s nothing wrong with the car itself. They didn’t just look built to last, they really were, and come with remarkably few horror stories. The engines and transmissions are fairly bombproof if properly maintained, and a Spur will tolerate years of being taken for granted without turning into a sloppy, creaking and rattling shadow of its former self. 

A Spur is not for everyone and, even it’s for you, the usual caveats about known provenance and service history stand. But the very fact such a superbly crafted, astonishingly fast and amazingly robust car is available for so little money has to be good news; the added fact that it also happens to be a Bentley is perhaps what’s most incredible of all.

Here’s some more flying B-badged gems you could pick from the classifieds:

Azure (2006-2009): The second-generation Azure may look a bit old hat with its land-yacht proportions and breeze-block styling. However, there are bits of carbonfibre in its construction (a first for a road-going Bentley) and it’s got a top speed of 174mph – provided that the roof is up. It’s rare, mind, with prices starting at £100,000. 

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