US Elections Live Updates: Trump's willfully contributing to COVID-19 deaths, says Biden

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With Trump holding up Biden’s transition, the President-elect has called out the President urging him to take action on the coronavirus and avoid the deaths that would very likely come with the winter, accelerated by allergies season.

President-elect Biden will have to overhaul Homeland Security, experts say, with Trump having used it as a tool for aggressive policies – especially against immigrants – the task at hand will be to unravel all the immigration red tape the POTUS put up.

President Trump is making last-ditch sabotage efforts before he leaves (probably peacefully) the Oval office – he’s put oil drilling rights in the Arctic up for sale, a region that has major climate change impact, and could leave Biden in the lurch if the sale is completed before Inauguration Day.

Biden has a lot of work to do – both within the States and outside of it – but his biggest international challenge will be the country’s relationship with China, fraught with conflict over the past four years. As of now, America has $360 billion in tariffs on the Asian nation, ones that the next President might have to lift.

The chairman of the SEC – Jay Clayton – is stepping down from his post; his term was set to end in 2021. One of Trump’s sensible choices, the most waves he made was when he went head-to-head with Tesla’s Elon Musk over his stock tweets.


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