US Elections 2020 News Live: President-elect Joe Biden could file a lawsuit to make transition happen

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The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Michigan, disputing the vote count in Wayne County, alleging that Republican poll watchers were denied access to observe. There are also allegations of votes being backdated.

Biden won a large chunk of the Black vote on the back of promises that he would make changes in legislation that was responsible for profiling while also solving system racism. Voters hope that wasn’t just lip service.

President-elect Joe Biden won 87% of America’s Black vote.

Now Biden’s looking at legal action, making this the worst Law & Order episode ever. The President-elect is looking to get Trump to stop delaying his transition and could file a lawsuit this week.

But, legal experts say that this move could backfire in the President-elect’s face, if a judge took the President’s side and handed him the election.

President Trump is unlike any other President before him, and not in a good way – his office administration is planning budget proposals and inauguration ceremonies, like they would if he was getting reelected … which he is not.

Trump is recreating his TV show – The Apprentice – during his last few weeks in the office, it would seem; having already fired Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, he’s now aimed his sights at the CIA Chief – Gina Haspel – also the first woman to hold the post.


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