Universal Credit UK: surplus earnings rules explained – check on your payments now

Universal Credit can be awarded to those who are unemployed but it can also be claimed by those who are in employment but are on a low income. For employed claimants, how much they earn will impact what’s paid out.

To be eligible for Universal Credit initially, a person will need:

  • on a low income or out of work
  • to be aged between 18 and state pension age
  • to have less than £16,000 in savings
  • to be living in the UK

So long as a claimant is eligible, they’ll receive a payment which will be based on their specific circumstances.

This means they may get extra amounts for certain living costs such as rent.

Standard allowances will be awarded to all claimants as a minimum and these will range between £342.72 and £594.04 per month.

Where additional support is needed, claimants may be able to apply for advance and hardship payments, alternative payment arrangements and budgeting advances.


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