Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Parents in 2021

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Parents in 2021

Parents are the ones who have raised you – their child and have been there during the ups and downs in life. They have patiently held your hand as you learned to walk and dressed your wounds when you fell in the process of learning. Parents are crucial and super special in anyone’s life as they support and mold one’s life. So, what can you do to show your appreciation? One of the ways is by making their special days even more special – like their birthday. Here are some unique gift ideas that your parents will love in 2021.

A Sentimental Present

You can give your mom and dad a gift that relates to your childhood or their younger days. Pictures and items that make memorabilia are good options. In the movie Stepmom, Susan Sarandon gets a blanket with the pictures of her children and the image of their baby feet. She absolutely loves that gift and is brought to tears by the gesture. Of course, the aim isn’t to bring tears to your parents, but such gifts have immense value, the value that no amount of money can change. Mugs with pictures, a blanket or a picture wall can be a very good gift. It is also about preserving memories for them, memories they cherish.

An Experience

Nothing beats experiences in life, not even money. The feeling of sand on your feet at a tropical beach or the first snowflake landing on your face can be special experiences – ones that you don’t get every day. The world is so large, there are multiple new places to see and things to do, and gifting an experience to someone could mean a lot. Let your parents enjoy a cruise or gift them an all-expenses paid vacation package. Find out if there is someplace they have always wanted to see and then book them a holiday there.


Jewellery makes excellent gifts to anyone you present it with. Most are made from precious metals and stones and have a good price tag attached. If you are giving someone a jewellery piece it means that you value them and care for them. Giving a bracelet to your mom or a watch to your dad will make them happy. A better thing to do could be, on your mom’s birthday help your dad with black diamond eternity rings, that way your dad and mom, both would be feeling happy. Diamonds are special and these could be more affordable. This is a sign of love and mom would love it, while dad would be happy that he contributed to buying it. A good place to buy would be a well-known jewellery or diamond market.


Let your parents remember you every month or every quarter by gifting them a subscription. This subscription could be for a magazine loved by your parents, a wine basket or even coffee samplers. This way they will get something in the package every few days and have something to look forward to. They can enjoy their daily cup of coffee and never run out or sample wines and still have a bottle or two waiting. A subscription from entertainment platforms are also exciting, so they don’t have to worry about cable subscriptions. These entertainment platforms can stream movies or series on demand and they can watch whatever they want online.

Mini Tech Gifts

Echo Dot with Alexa is a great device that can control multiple things. This means you don’t need to manually do stuff. Just call out Alexa’s name and ask her to do it for you. Turning on lights, playing music and much more can be done with such devices.  Your parents can do chores handsfree and it reduces their effort a lot. You could also get them a modular kitchen with oven, microwave, dishwasher and other appliances that can make their life easier. Espresso makers, wine coolers, learning thermostat, fit bits and ice cream makers are cool gadgets to have too.

Get ready, plan your budget and prepare a list of things you could get them. As black diamond rings are an affordable gift option, you can try exploring their types to see what fits best for the occasion. The greatest options as per me are always an experience like a package for the must visit travel places in London or something that brings joy to them.

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