Ulez scrappage scheme paid out £61million since it opened this year

THE Ulez scrappage scheme has paid out £61million since it opened this year.

Cars junked under the offer include Porsches, a Cadillac, Jaguars, BMWs, Land Rovers, Mercedes — and minibuses.

The Ulez scrappage scheme has paid out £61million since it opened


The Ulez scrappage scheme has paid out £61million since it openedCredit: Alamy

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s scrappage deal has now paid out £26million to 13,500 car and motorbike owners, £34.8million for 5,600 vans, and £400,000 for 52 minibuses.

The scheme opened in January and was intended only for motorists on benefits living in London.

But after August 21, anyone who lived in London could apply.

From January to August 20, 6,713 vehicles were scrapped.

A similar amount — 6,813 — were scrapped from August 21 to October 5, when £13.5million was paid out.

Owners need a certificate to show their vehicle has been destroyed.

Payouts range from £1,000 to £11,500.

The compensation rush came as Mr Khan increased the area covered by the Ulez charge from central London to the boundaries of the M25.

It meant that thousands more people with environmentally unfriendly vehicles had to pay the £12.50 charge every time they drove into the zone, or take up the scrappage offer.

On average, 2,696 fines a day are being issued.

A Transport for London spokesman said: “We’ve prioritised scrappage funds carefully to ensure best use of public money and have approved more than 37,000 applications, committing more than £121million to reducing older polluting vehicles on the roads.”


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