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UK’s ICO Warns Tech Companies About Ad Tracking, Soon to Be Removed; Changes in Advertising Tactics – Tech Times

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) outgoing director has spoken up about the technology industry’s ad tracking focus and its practices. The director aims for a time that there would be no more ad tracking present in the tech industry, and the next-generation feature it would push for advertising would be based on personal profiles. 

UK ICO Director’s Stand on Ad Tracking and its Many Gathering Tactics

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As written by UK’s ICO outgoing director, Elizabeth Denham, on the office’s latest release, ad tracking is coming to an end shortly, especially as they expose the data and privacy of people. There has been a massive stake of these tech companies regarding the data and information of people, primarily because they are required to be given to use their applications. 

Denying this would prevent access to all of their applications and features, something that leaves people not much of choice. As discussed by Tech Crunch, Denham has focused on out the old and going with the new face of adtech, focusing on a new direction to go that does not necessarily have to be invasive, but focuses on less data consumption. 

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UK ICO: Ad Tracking is Ending, New Engineering Should Be Used

Denham and the Information office said that new engineering should be developed and used regarding ad tracking, something that would change its landscape and how it functions. One of the suggestions includes basing ads on a personal profile of a person that was set up but not necessarily having to consume their data and information on a massive daily basis. 

Ad Tracking by the Tech Industry: Is It Needed? 

Advertising tracking is one of the most known tactics of Big Tech and the industry to gather information from the profiles of people that are using their services for different purposes. The main focus of this is to learn what a person wants to see in their browser or advertisements so that there would be more chances of having them click on it and the company to earn. 

The dispute known as ad tracking and data privacy has been a long discussion over its ethical and moral standpoint, especially as it gathers information to sell a product or have people look at them. A lot has been going against Facebook, Google, and other big techs, which have stakes on people’s data as they resort to using their applications. 

Big tech is saying that they need the data of people that fall on cookies, caches, browsing or search history, and a whole lot more for them to build a profile for a person. These would then be used for their app’s capabilities to run ads and then be presented to people as something they like and would likely to look for. 

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