'UK winning Covid battle but dwindling minority refusing jab gamble with lives'

The latest evidence may persuade those cautious folk who just need a little education and persuasion before agreeing to be vaccinated – and that’s why the Government must never give up on them

A woman receives an injection of the the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine at Elland Road vaccine centre in Leeds
Over 15s look set to be invited to have the vaccine

With the double-jabbed only half as likely to be infected as the unvaccinated, the dwindling minority refusing the needle are gambling with their lives.

Because Imperial College London’s React study also confirms the fully vaccinated suffer milder symptoms when they do get infected.

That means they are less likely to be severely ill, be admitted to hospital or die.

Scientific proof may never convince the Covidiots, crackpots and conspiracy theorists with no grip on reality who believe any wild lies they see on the internet.

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But the latest evidence may persuade those cautious folk who just need a little education and persuasion. And that’s why the Government must never give up on this group.

The NHS mass vaccination is one of the most successful programmes in its history.

With predictions of a surge in fresh infections yet to materialise, we’re finally winning the battle against this terrible virus.

Bill of wrongs

Energy price rises for consumers after bonuses at the regulator which green-lit them looks like a bad deal for customers.

It’s a pity that Parliament isn’t sitting so questions could be asked about Ofgem chief executive Jonathan Brearley’s £300,000-plus package, including a £15,000 bonus.

The system appears to be working better for him than for the households about to be ­clobbered by another increase in outgoings.

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If bills go up by 13% for around half the country’s homes as expected, Mr Brearley should think about whether he has really earned that bonus, and consider returning it.

Because very few gas and electricity users are likely to think he’s worth it.

Classy Kenny

Cyclist Jason Kenny’s latest silver medal, making him Britain’s most decorated Olympian, is a great achievement.

With wife Laura also pedalling on to the podium for Team GB, they will be needing a bigger medal cabinet when they get home.


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