UK travel red list 'to be scrapped' due to 'declining' Covid threat from abroad

The UK government is reportedly set to scrap the travel red list which means that people arriving from the seven countries still on it will no longer need to quarantine in hotels

The UK is set to remove the remaining seven countries from the travel red list
The UK is reportedly set to remove the remaining seven countries from the travel red list

The UK is set to scrap its travel red list and hotel quarantine for visitors from the seven countries still facing restrictions, it is reported.

It is said that ministers will discuss on Thursday removing the seven countries from Central and South America as well as the Carribean from the red list.

The plan is believed to be supported by the Department of Health and is reportedly based on a perceived declining threat from abroad.

It means that Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela will all be removed from the red list.

And visitors from those countries will no longer have to splash out on the hefty cost of quarantining at hotels for 11 nights at £2,285 per person.

Currently people coming from the seven countries still need to go into hotel quarantine


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The new plan will come into being from next Monday and will remove all countries from red list quarantining that was introduced on February 15, the Daily Telegraph reported.

With some delegates from the seven countries at the COP26 climate change summit, in Glasgow, it is possible that pressure may have been put on the government to implement the change.

A Whitehall source said: “The Department of Health is minded to remove all the remaining countries from the red list given the public health advice.

“But the hotel quarantine policy will remain in place as a safety net, in case the situation changes. Countries could go on if there is a concern at some point in the future.”

It is also reported by the Telegraph that the government is planning to scrap the hotel quarantine system altogether with travellers told to self-isolate at home for 10 days regardless of what vaccines they have had.

But this is not set to be announced immediately and may come into force next year.

Earlier this month 47 countries were taken off the UK’s red list leaving just the final seven.

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