UK Samsung TV owners must ‘pay attention’ and make simple settings change today

‌The clocks have now gone back and we’re heading into those long winter nights. That means the return of sky-high energy bills once again. Although gas and electricity prices have dropped in recent months, costs remain at an all-time high but some simple changes can help you cut down on the amount of power you’re munching through each night. recently advised those with a Sky Q box to check their settings and switch on the Eco mode. Now there is some similar advice for those with a Samsung TV tucked in the corner of their living rooms.

The hugely popular screens all include a useful settings mode which can help cut down on the power they consume.

These energy saving options basically change the screen brightness automatically. So, when you pop on the telly in the evening the display is reduced to a lower level, using less energy.

“If you are looking to save on the electricity and energy that your TV uses, pay attention to the Power and Energy Saving Features of your Samsung Smart TV,” Samsung explained on its website.

“You can reduce energy consumption by changing your power preferences and there are other energy-saving options.

“The energy saving features of the Samsung Smart TV can help reduce power consumption and reduce eye strain when you are watching TV in a dark room. Create comfortable screen conditions while controlling your energy consumption at the same time.”


Reduce energy consumption by changing your power preferences and other energy-saving options.

Step 1. Press the Home button and navigate to Settings.

Step 2. Select General > Power and Energy Saving.

Step 3. Choose a setting listed and press Select on your remote to turn the feature on

Of course, this one change won’t end all of your energy worries but every little helps.

If you have a Sky Q it’s also worth switching on that Eco mode as this will put the device to sleep during the early hours of the morning.


To check if your box is set to Eco Mode simply head to Settings > Setup and select Preferences. Here you’ll find three different standby modes including the option to switch on Eco.

Once enabled the box will head into a deep slumber between 2am and 5am every day of the week.


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