UK general election news: MPs reject Labour’s bid to change snap poll date to December 9

MPs have rejected Labour’s amendment to Boris Johnson’s general election motion which seeks to change the date of the snap poll to December 9.

295 MPs voted in favour of an election on December 9, while 315 voted against it – a majority of 20.

The House of Commons will now vote whether or not to hold an early general election on December 12, the date set by Boris Johnson.

MP Chris Leslie, for the Independent Group for Change, tried to table a last minute amendment but he was denied by deputy speaker Eleanor Laing.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn during the election debate on Tuesday (AP)

Speaker John Bercow has called for MPs to vote on a third and final reading of the Government’s election bill.

Prior to the vote on Labour’s amendment Tory MP Steve Baker (Wycombe) warned that if the Lords amended the Early Parliamentary General Election Bill they would be “playing with their own futures”.

Mr Baker, the chairman of the pro-Brexit European Research Group, added: “On a serious note, this Bill of course has to go through the other place (the Lords) and I think if the other place were to put in amendments to this simple and straightforward Bill, which sought to produce a particular outcome, I think we would have to say they have no right whatever to do that.

“That it would be quite unconstitutional, and I think they would be playing fire and indeed they would be playing with their own futures in that House were they to seek to amend this Bill to produce a particular outcome.”

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