UK election polls: Gap between Labour and Tories shrinks again as Lib Dems and Brexit Party lose support

The gap between the Tories and Labour has closed further, as the two main parties separate from the rest of the pack. 

A polling tracker from Britain Elects and the New Statesman shows the Tories 11.5 per cent ahead of Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

Labour has gained just over a point, while Boris Johnson’s party has only gained 0.1 points.

The gains came at the expense of smaller parties like the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party.

The Conservatives now sit with 42.4 per cent, while Labour are on 30.9 per cent.

Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats has dropped 0.3 points and sit on 14.3 per cent.

The Brexit Party has dropped half a point to 3.9 per cent, and the Green Party are 0.2 per cent to 3.2 per cent.

Similar polls have shown a similar gap between the Conservatives and Labour.

It comes after a YouGov MRP poll released on Wednesday predicted a win on December 12 for Boris Johnson with a majority of 68 seats.


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