UK coronavirus live: nearly 44,000 deaths due to Covid-19, says ONS, as MPs return to Westminster

Members are told that hybrid voting (both online and in parliament) is impossible, yet given no reason why. If hybrid voting is beyond the realm of the techno-Moggs, MPs are then informed that proxy voting (letting another parliamentarian vote on their behalf), is also unmanageable, with no explanation given.

It is truly extraordinary that a decision has been made in this way. MPs who are able to go in and vote will be able to show off to their constituents, like Giant Haystacks in the wrestling ring, yet those MPs who genuinely cannot come back to Westminster, will face questions from local residents why they are not voting, have to explain their personal circumstances, which may be uncomfortable for them to do, and, see their voting record trashed in the internet league tables. Not particularly helpful at election times.


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