UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson says 'signs of second wave of pandemic' in parts of Europe

British PM’s warning comes after Spain is critical of UK for extending non-essential travel advice to Canary and Balearic islands

1.49pm BST

The main message from Nicola Sturgeon’s press briefing was simple; don’t book a foreign holiday.

Of course, she was not quite as direct as that. No one likes being told bluntly by the government what they can and cannot do. Sturgeon said that it was up to people to make up their own minds. But she said that they were entitled to know what she was advising, that she would not be booking a holiday abroad herself, and that she would be urging people to be “very cautious” about planning a trip themselves.

As the prevalence of Covid in Scotland continues to fall, we must guard against the risk of cases coming into the country from outside. So, if necessary, the Scottish government will reimpose quarantine restrictions on travel from certain countries, as we did at the weekend with Spain, if those countries see a sharp increase in cases.

People planning an overseas holiday need to be aware of that. You cannot assume that the rules and regulations applying to or in your destination when you book a holiday will stay the same while you’re there, or will be the same when you come to travel.

1.31pm BST

Sturgeon wraps up her briefing by reminding people to follow the coronavirus safety advice.

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