UAE bans passengers from India for 10 days, starting this Sunday

After Hong Kong and the UK, UAE has now announced to ban passengers from India for ten days starting April 25, 2021.

While there will be no travel from India to UAE till May 5, 2021, travel from Dubai to India will not be effected.

Passengers, who have transmitted from India in the past 14 days, are also not being allowed. However, there is an exemption for private jets, which can fly to the country from India.

With this, the UAE becomes the fourth country to have banned India due to rising COVID cases. While Hong Kong, the UK and Oman have banned flights, the US has issued travel advisories for India and France has announced a ten-day mandatory quarantine for Indian passengers.

Australia is also considering to ban travel from India and may announce it soon.

Countries started announcing restrictions after India saw a huge surge in infections during the second wave. India reported over 315,000 cases on Wednesday – highest-ever till date.

While India, post COVID, has not resumed regular flight operations with any country, it has entered into a bubble arrangement with various countries where in both countries allow a certain number of flights.


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