Twitter's Tinder-ish right swipe bias

Without getting into the tutti-frutti of what differentiates noisy left-wing politics (‘We will not let pigs fly!’) from noisy right-wing politics (‘We will make pigs fly again!), that great public intellectual, Twitter, has found a ‘statistically significant difference favouring the political right wing’ in what Twitter serves as tweets to its 206 million users in all countries, except in Germany (which predated the social media platform with the nationalist-socialist Swastwitter before that was pulled from the market). Referring to the Twitter study that could have been titled #Alampofpol, but goes under the name of ‘Algorithmic Amplification of Politics on Twitter’, the blue bird-brained company has admitted that it amplifies right-wing politicians and news outlets more than content from left-wing sources. The amplification is done, of course, by an algorithm, not by a lonely attention-seeking company exec in a blue Angry Bird costume.

The admission confirms our view that shouting obscenities or running about naked on the streets will get more ‘hits’ than a discourse on bottle recycling or panda mating habits. The fact that Twitter insiders have publicly stated that the findings could be ‘problematic’ is unlikely to get much traction. For that, the company should have been tweeting: #Bloodyhell$%@!wewillbe&$@#edifwechange!


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