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KENDALL, Fla. – Since the day they were born premature 12 years ago, Nicholas and Joseph Comas have been surpassing their parents’ expectations.

“They passed their NICU test, they passed their car seat test and whatever they did they did it faster than they were supposed to,” said mom Claudia Comas.

At the core of their “can do” attitudes is genuine compassion for others, which they’ve channeled through the scouting program.

“My boys are very goal-oriented so when you give them a problem they love to solve it and learn as much information as they can out of it,” said father Ernesto Comas Jr.

And that’s exactly what happened when the twins set out to complete the Boy Scout pioneering merit badge.

Their scoutmaster with Troop 599 noticed the boys had a particular interest in making knots with paracord which is a type of rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes.

“He got us our first personal small kit that we still use today to make paracord accessories,” Joseph said.


The boys used paracord to create bracelets and zipper pulls that can be turned into a survival tool.

“So, for example, this is a laced cobra-knot bracelet and you can unravel it and it would be about 20 to 23 feet of paracord,” Joseph explained.

“We use also micro cord because there could be small zippers for purses or backpacks,” Nicholas added.

Joseph and Nicholas donated 80 bracelets to first responders at the Champlain Towers Collapse and recently created more than two dozen mask holders for local nurses.

“It’s showing leadership and thinking outside the box,” their father said.

“They’re lovable amazing kind souls,” added their mom.

The boys sell their creations through social media and a neighborhood market to help cover the cost of donated products and raise money for personal interests, including cooking out and camping.

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