Tweet Buster: About market bottom, midcap bounce and why share pledge should be banned

NEW DELHI: Six days of steady rally, best weekly gains since May and over 3 per cent rise on the index: Is it safe to assume that the bulls are back on Dalal Street?

Well, going by the buzz on Dalal Street or on Twitter, this seems to be the case.

Mumbai-based PMS manager Basant Maheshwari is confident that the narrow and sharp market rally will is here to stay. He says the choice is with the investor: whether to participate or crib about it.

Sandip Sabharwal says the market is at the bottom of the cycle. How did he reach this conclusion? This is how he made his case:

Taking cue from global markets, particularly the German DAX which traded near a 52-week high, Sandip Sabharwal says it’s a matter of time before Indian indices too move to new highs.

Nilesh Shah, MD, Kotak Mutual Fund, has reasons to believe Donald Trump should be thanked for supporting our market and the economy. Here is how.

Investing Tips

The popular buzz on Dalal Street seems to be that midcap stocks will soon make a comeback and anyone telling you differently is wrong.

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Sandip Sabarwal

Samir Arora

Shyam Sekhar of iThought advises investor against buying junk stocks. Sekhar says, “Unless it is compelling, don’t run after a stock.”

Lastly, here’s a suggestion from Porinju Veliyath who says India must ban promoter share pledges as it leads to wealth destruction. Does he have a case here?



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