TV tonight: the stuff of life – our genes – under the microscope

The Gene: An Intimate History

8.30pm, PBS America

The acclaimed documentary film-maker Ken Burns applies his detailed approach to this comprehensive two-part analysis of the stuff of life: our genes. Using the bestselling book of the same name by the geneticist Dr Siddhartha Mukherjee as his basis, Burns documents the evolution of the science, from Gregor Mendel’s groundbreaking 19th-century pea-plant experiments to the gene splicing that could potentially eradicate cancer and sickle-cell anaemia. Ammar Kalia

Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend

8pm, Channel 4

Running away to a French chateau à la Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree might sound like a dream, but it also means mountains of DIY. After six series of their own home improvements, the couple turn their attention to others in need of help with their lockdown projects. Hannah J Davies

Panorama: The Forgotten Frontline

9pm, BBC One

With a death toll of more than 20,000 residents and staff, care homes have been devastated by Covid-19. This Panorama special from Alison Holt – filmed over several months – goes behind the scenes at two facilities to show the realities of fighting a virus on a constantly shifting battleground. Graeme Virtue

Buried Worlds With Don Wildman

9pm, Discovery

The Travel Channel host begins a series of investigations into the paranormal and supernatural. First up, the old stories of vampires terrorising local folk in rural Bulgaria. Don joins a vampire-hunting crew to look for long-buried evidence in a spooky abandoned village. Jack Seale

Tom Kerridge Barbecues

9pm, Food Network

As we hit the peak of summer, it is time for some barbecuing inspiration courtesy of the fine-dining everyman Tom Kerridge. In the first episode, Kerridge creates simple spiced chicken skewers accompanied by a vegetable chilli sauce and homemade flatbreads. Foolproof recipes for all. AK

Imagine: Kate Prince – Every Move She Makes

10.45pm, BBC One

ZooNation, the company started by the choreographer Kate Prince, has transformed the status of street dance since her first shows in the early 00s. Alan Yentob profiles Prince prior to a major West End production from earlier this year, Message in a Bottle, which paired her choreography with the music of Sting. AK

Film choice

Fantastic planet ... Interstellar. Photograph: Allstar/Legendary Pictures
Fantastic planet … Interstellar. Photograph: Allstar/Legendary Pictures

Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014), 9am and 8pm, Sky Cinema Greats
While his sci-fi spy thriller Tenet is delayed by Covid-19, here is Nolan messing with time and space, sending an astronaut (Matthew McConaughey) and a top team of scientists (including Anne Hathaway) through a cosmic wormhole in search of a new habitable planet. A cosmic spectacle full of fantastic planets and mind-bending imagery. Paul Howlett

Live sport

One-day international cricket: England v Ireland 1.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event. First of the series from Southampton.

Championship football 7pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Cardiff travel to west London for the second leg of their play-off semi-final against Fulham.

World Golf Championships: St Jude Invitational 10pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Day one coverage from Memphis, Tennessee.


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