TV Licence: Britons call for ‘binding referendum’ on payment – 'we have very little say!'

The TV licence fee currently stands at £159 per year, and must be paid by all Britons who wish to watch live television, regardless of whether this is on the BBC or not. The payment recently underwent an increase, and earlier in 2020, a change meant most over 75s are now required to pay. Unless an over 75-year-old claims Pension Credit, they will now need to meet the TV Licence fee, a move which has garnered some level of controversy.

However, it is the total payment itself which still divides opinion, with some stating it is necessary, while others turning their backs on it entirely. 

In this sense, a new petition has been filed on the official Parliament website calling for a reevaluation of the TV Licence as it currently stands.

It is entitled: “Hold a binding referendum on the future of the TV Licence”.

The petition contemplates the necessity of a TV Licence payment, and suggests a potential solution to the ongoing debate. 

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A recent report from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee suggested the Government will be required to lean on its current TV Licence model until 2038.

This is because a roll-out of broadband provision, the report said, has not been carried out fast enough. 

However, the fee is up for reconsideration when the charter draws to a close in 2027.

The petition continued: “The Government should give the general public a binding referendum on the future of the TV Licence before the next Royal Charter.

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At the time of writing, the petition has gained a certain level of support at 1,580 signatures.

However, if signatories wish for this petition to be taken a step further, they will need to garner at least 10,000 signatures.

It is at this point a Government response will be triggered on the issue.

Taking the matter a step further, at 100,000 signatures, a petition will be considered for debate in Parliament. 



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