Turbostart Founders’ Fellowship honours the most innovative startups in the country. Here’s the list of winners from the first edition.

India is home to more than 50,000 start-ups making it the third-largest after the US and the UK. This year, India witnessed the addition of seven Unicorns (companies with a valuation of over $1 billion) taking the total tally to 24. It is clear that many Indian start-ups have done a great job but that’s not always the case. There are many challenges one has to go through in order to build a place in the market. According to a popular market intelligence
platform, more than 1500 start-ups in India have shut doors since 2015, and one of the most common reasons for their failure was the lack of funding and unique business models.

Tackling existing roadblocks

Turbostart is a bi-annual, pan-India programme that invests in early-stage startups and supports their growth. The programme aims to jointly tackle roadblocks that any startup may face and works to boost their innovation. They are shortlisted via a competition that eventually rewards the winners with funding as well as a host of other services. Turbostart ensures that the selected start-ups execute their innovations and get adequate support to grow successfully in the market. On February 12, 25 startups were announced as the winners for the first cohort.

Turbostart Founders’ Fellowship 2020

The program started in October 2019 and the initial plan was to select 20 startups a year in two seasons — January and June. But given the quality of the applications received in the first season, the company decided to hike the number to 25. For this cohort, Turbostart received over one thousand applications from startups across 15 sectors, 157 cities, and 25 countries. The Awards Ceremony called The Founders’ Fellowship, First Edition 2020 concluded on 12 February 2020 in Bengaluru. 25 startups were felicitated in the presence of investors, corporate leaders, sector experts, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

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List of winners

Out of the thousands of applications received from various startups, here’s the list of the winners of the Turbostart Founders’ Fellowship. The selected startups received recognition and many of them were funded with a sum of up to $1 million each.

Deeptech Sector

Sciative Solutions: They develop automated dynamic price optimization systems through big data, AI and Machine-to-Machine interactions.

Tathya Earth: They use machine learning and computer vision technologies to provide near real-time factual insights on economic indicators.

Argoid: An autonomous consumer insights platform that uses AI-enhanced data ingestion, AI-enhanced data curation, consumer insights and autonomous AI/ML to improve accuracy.

Fluid Robotics: They provide robotics and AI solutions for water resource management.

Edtech Sector

D-Bookstore: A startup that is a virtual publishing, digital book distribution, and selling platform linking educational institutions, professors, publishers and students around the world.

LearnCab: It provides a unique e-learning model to help aspirants study digitally.

Placements365: It is a placement automation software program that minimizes hassles for company placement managers and students.

Edugorilla: An online test series focusing on state-level exams using AI-based demand prediction, vernacular content creation, and innovative distribution methods.

Quiznext: They make studying and revision interesting and engaging through gamification.

Healthcare Sector

Shilps Sciences: This startup has solved the issues relating to gene editing by accelerating single gene cell applications with higher yields.

Irillic: They provide fluorescent imaging for real-time blood and lymph imaging with world-class equipment made in India.

Carditek: It is a 12-lead patch wearable ECG that is all set to revolutionize the way ECGs are taken.

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Legal & Logistics

Transo: A mobile trucking and logistics IoT platform.

NebulARC: It orchestrates the supply chain through asset lifecycle management.

Transportal: It is a two-way car rental SaaS product that aims to change the car rental ecosystem.

DOQFY: In the Legal Tech sector, it is an AI-powered technology platform that helps with organizing legal documents and offers professional services with last-mile service delivery.

Project Pro: In the Low Code Animation sector, it provides finished and ready-to-use solutions to developers.


PiChain: In the reg-tech sector, This startup refines compliance through a cognitive compliance platform that is easy to use, intelligent and involved.

Sightryt Vision
: An impact startup, it aims to drive easy access to eyecare in Tier-II cities with a specific aim to help school children with unidentified vision problems.

Kahanibox: In the B2C sector, it is an interactive storytelling platform that allows audiences not only to consume but also to interact and even influence the stories.

Zoodify: In the product sector, it is a group communication platform that identifies important notifications, allows parallel chats and respects user privacy.

Goldseat: In the media tech sector, this startup provides offline entertainment to passengers on buses, trains and more.

: In the B2C sector, it is a one-stop-solution for Vedic needs.

: In the food tech sector, it offers organized food services to simplify the dining experience.

: In the Fintech sector, it is a financing platform for IFAs.

ET Spotlight


These startups will be provided with assistance in product positioning, entity structuring, brand, and digital strategy, along with services such as advice on tax, legal, marketing, and sales. Beyond recognition, many startups will be provided with funding, further funding assistance, and other services to help them scale up.

The first cohort has been concluded but there is nothing to worry about as the second cohort of Turbostart will be open on their website from May 2020 onwards. So, for every startup that thinks they have the potential to grow exponentially but are facing roadblocks, Turbostart is the solution. Keep checking
this space to get your innovation on the right path!



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