Tucker Carlson denies rumor about leaving Fox News to join Newsmax, Internet says 'it's all about the $$$$$' – MEAWW

After being bombarded with calls, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was forced to address a rumor that he is leaving the network to join Newsmax, a conservative news outlet. On Monday, November 16, Carlson took a minute to reassure the viewers of his show that he had no plans of leaving Fox News and that the social media post circulating on Parler, a social media platform, where conservatives have flocked to was in fact fake.

“This show isn’t going anywhere. It’s getting bigger. The people who run Fox News want more of it, not less, and we’re grateful for that,” he said during a segment titled, ‘A quick note about this show’s future.’ Carlson said Fox News executives are looking to “expand the amount of reporting and analysis we do in this hour across other parts of the company.” 


The fake post also circulated on Facebook briefly. The post had claimed that Carlson himself shared the news of him moving to Newsmax after the election was called in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, writing, “The American people spoke their truth. Fox News is over. I will be started at NewsMax next month. Fox News has been a good home to me for a long time and I am grateful. But we no longer align to the same truths and values. I serve the American people and I need to go where they can feel safe hearing me.” However, the news anchor never put out such a social media post. 

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Many viewers took to social media, reacting to Carlson’s reassurance. “You are amazing, but would be better at Newsmax! We will never forget the betrayal after being so loyal!” one of the users wrote, while another said, “It’s all about the$$$$$” A third tweeted, “Tucker isn’t running from his paycheck to satisfy the public is what he is saying.”

Someone else commented, “Make it the Tucker News Network. Give him full editorial control and the Sunday show and call it a day.” The next quipped, “I’ll watch him on snips like this or YouTube until it gets around to blocking him, too.” Another opined, “In other words they can’t cancel him because he’s the only thing holding them afloat.” One person remarked, “Well said, especially if your contract is up for renewal. Brilliant!!!” And one more said, “Oh he’s getting fired for sure”







President Donald Trump has recently been critical of Fox News, when he reportedly said the network had forgotten the “golden goose” that had propelled it to the heights of popularity in the last four years. It all started after Fox News became the first network to call Arizona in favor of Biden on election night. Trump had reportedly called Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the network, in a fit of rage on November 3 ‘to demand a retraction’.

Murdoch, 89, however, refused to order his staff to retract the Arizona call, according to the report. The Associated Press has called Arizona for Biden though NBC and CNN have not done so yet. This was the first ‘flip’ of the election and was the first state to go in the opposite direction as compared to four years ago when Trump had beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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