Try these tips to survive a tight time like a layoff or financial emergency

It’s crunch time for Suzanne Truong Hoyer, 38, an IT analyst who lives in Unionville, Connecticut. Her husband is on unpaid leave, and the couple, with two kids, lives on one paycheck.

“We just bought a house and haven’t yet sold the previous house,” Hoyer said.

They are making their own repairs to the house on the market. They sold items before moving to recoup money for unwanted things. On a recent snowy day, Hoyer and her husband pulled the kids around on a sled and built a snowman.

Hoyer recommends going through your day to see where you can cut back. “If you are used to going out for drinks, scale back,” she said. She cooks 90 percent of the time, and finds ways to get the most value out of, say, roasting a chicken to create two or three meals.

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