Trump Vs. Biden: National Poll Shows Slight Advantage For One Candidate In Tight Race

© Reuters. Trump Vs. Biden: National Poll Shows Slight Advantage For One Candidate In Tight Race

Benzinga – by Bibhu Pattnaik, Benzinga Staff Writer.

In a recent survey by the Florida Atlantic University’s Political Communication and Public Opinion Research Lab and Mainstreet Research, registered voters slightly favor former President Donald Trump over current President Joe Biden as the 2024 election nears.

The findings reveal a 4% lead for Trump, with 41% of participants backing him against Biden’s 37%. This competitive landscape is further complicated by the 13% of voters who are looking at alternative candidates and the 9% who are still undecided.

While Biden retains significant support from African American voters, his appeal among white and Hispanic voters is weaker than Trump’s more robust performance among these groups. Notably, Trump’s support is strong among white voters without college degrees, the survey revealed.

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The poll also discussed the likelihood of voters sticking with their current preference, revealing a strong inclination towards maintaining their choice in November. However, younger voters aged 18-34 showed a higher level of uncertainty compared to older demographics.

Additionally, the survey provided insights into the upcoming congressional elections, indicating a slight advantage for the Democratic party over the Republican, with voter preferences again heavily influenced by racial and ethnic backgrounds.

This poll, conducted in early February among 1,180 adults across the U.S., offers a snapshot of the current political climate as the nation gears up for another election cycle.

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