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Los Angeles — Former President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee chairman released $ 250 million on bail on Friday for working secretly to influence Trump’s foreign policy on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. I was ordered to be released for money.

Tom Barrack, 74, has been subject to electronic surveillance after being charged in a New York court on Monday and is primarily confined to his residence. He was arrested on Tuesday in Los Angeles near his home.

Barrack is expected to be acquitted of colluding to influence U.S. policy on behalf of the UAE during Trump’s 2016 campaign and while Trump was president. .. Barrack, the founder of private equity firm Colony Capital, was one of the three men charged in the case.

The prosecution said Barrack used his long personal friendship with Trump to benefit the UAE without revealing his relationship with the US government.

US Magistrate Judge Patricia Donahue in Los Angeles has ordered strict conditions for the release of the barracks. He must surrender his passport, wear a GPS monitor to track his whereabouts, restrict travel between Southern California and New York City, and comply with the curfew.

Barrack has been charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and multiple false statements during an interview with a federal agent in June 2019. Matthew Grimes, 27, a former executive at Barrack in Aspen, Colorado, and Rashid Al Malik, 43, a UAE businessman, are also conduits to the country’s rulers. Said it worked. Prosecution.

Grimes was ordered to be released on bail of $ 5 million. Al Malik has fled the United States three days after a law enforcement interview in April 2018 and remains a majority, officials said. It is believed that he lives somewhere in the Middle East.

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Barrack is a former presidential campaign chairman, former vice presidential campaign chairman, former chief strategist, former national security adviser, former individual lawyer, and long-time chief financial officer of the company. One of my friends.

Barrack was an informal adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign before becoming chairman of the inaugural committee.

He raised $ 107 million for a gorgeous celebration that was scrutinized for both its spending and the attraction of many foreign civil servants and businessmen considering lobbying for the new administration. The inaugural committee was not involved in the prosecution.

After Trump took office, Barrack informally advised senior U.S. government officials on foreign policy in the Middle East. He also sought the appointment of a special envoy in the Middle East or a US ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said they gave UAE officials confidential information about what was happening within the Trump administration. This includes how senior US officials felt about Qatar’s long-standing boycott by the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

He told Al Malik that he could promote the UAE’s interests by taking an official position within the administration, prosecutors said.

Such an appointment “will give more power to Abu Dhabi!” He wrote to Almaliq, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors initially tried to detain Barrack because he said he owned a private jet and was in danger of flying.They also stated that he has citizenship in Lebanon, a country without extradition treaties with the United States.

The Associated Press reporter Larry Neumeister contributed from New York.

Trump inaugural chair released on $250 million bail – Press Enterprise Source link Trump inaugural chair released on $250 million bail – Press Enterprise

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