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Tron is one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the crypto-market. The cryptocurrency – no doubts – struggled with the bear market even though bitcoin pulled in some bullish moves.

The Tron Foundation recently made an important announcement to the Tron community on the 15th of May that the number of users of Tron’s Decentralized applications has exceeded 100,000 and that token transactions now surpass that of Ethereum and EOS.

Additionally, the news that Tron Dapps users exceed 100k was also revealed by Misha Lederman, a prominent Tron follower and also the Co-founder of He stated this through his Twitter handle:

“#TRON just surpassed 100k daily active users on its DApp ecosystem for the first time in #TRX blockchain’s history!” Lederman also stated: “100k users is a major achievement for TRON since TVM launch Oct 2018, but will be a blimp on the chart in the coming months as more sophisticated DApps attract #TRX users in the millions.”

The response gotten from Lederman’s tweet is a bit muted, but his words will be remembered as new developments on Tron’s network hover.

The number of Tron users at the moment is skyrocketing, and the ecosystem recorded 102,497 daily active users and live users at 102,497 and 434. However, the USD volume and the total number of transactions within 24-hours were also recorded to be about $18.3 million and 1.4 million transactions.

It is necessary to know that Tron’s virtual machine was launched in Oct. 2018 and since then recorded great success on its Dapps. Even though the recent feat didn’t increase the price of TRX to a certain point, its community would have loved to; the future is looking really bright for Dapps market. Additionally, Tron is moving closer to EOS after leaving Ethereum far behind when it comes to the number of Dapp users.

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Tron’s BitTorrent Incorporation And Support From Opera Will Pave The Way For A New Growth

Tron is experiencing lots of recent developments lately, and one of them is the support of Opera. Justin stated a few days back that Opera – a mainstream browser with hundreds of millions of users – now supports Tron and Tron-based tokens and that Opera will be able to use Dapps on Tron blockchain. This new partnership will introduce the market to Tron Dapps, thereby increasing the growth and users of Dapps.

Additionally, it will also help Tron in leading the way when it comes to mass adoption. Even though the market share of Opera is small when matched with Chrome or Firefox, but the browser is most widely used in Central Africa due to its small footprints. This collaboration will definitely enhance payments and Dapps in the region.

On the other hand, BitTorrent was a file-sharing system that was taken over by Tron – which was also seen as a significant partnership. The newly formed BitTorrent token was recently launched in an IEO on Binance, and as result, the token is on its way to becoming one of the tokens with the highest market capitalization in the crypto-market which lead to new growth for Tron.

TRON’s price is $0.03 TRX/USD exchange rate today. The real-time TRX market cap of $1.81 Billion currently ranks #11 with , daily trading volume of $314.07 Million and live coin value change of TRX 7.30 in the last 24 hours.

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