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By Simon Cocking, review of Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders: Tribal Knowledge from the Best in Cybersecurity Leadership. Available from Wiley here.

Tribal Knowledge from the Best in Cybersecurity Leadership

The Tribe of Hackers series continues, sharing what CISSPs, CISOs, and other security leaders need to know to build solid cybersecurity teams and keep organizations secure. Dozens of experts and influential security specialists reveal their best strategies for building, leading, and managing information security within organizations. Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders follows the same bestselling format as the original Tribe of Hackers, but with a detailed focus on how information security leaders impact organizational security.

Information security is becoming more important and more valuable all the time. Security breaches can be costly, even shutting businessesand governments down, so security leadership is a high-stakes game. Leading teams of hackers is not always easy, but the future of your organization may depend on it. In this book, the world’s top security experts answer the questions that Chief Information Security Officers and other security leaders are asking, including:

  • What’s the most important decision you’ve made or action you’ve taken to enable a business risk?
  • How do you lead your team to execute and get results?
  • Do you have a workforce philosophy or unique approach to talent acquisition?
  • Have you created a cohesive strategy for your information security program or business unit?

Anyone in or aspiring to an information security leadership role, whether at a team level or organization-wide, needs to read this book. Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders has the real-world advice and practical guidance you need to advance your cybersecurity leadership career.

Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders: Tribal Knowledge from the Best in Cybersecurity Leadership, reviewed

These books are now coming out fast and furious and this is the third one that we have reviewed. You’d image they are quite easy and fast to produce as it appears that they have simply sent a template of the same questions to a wide group of industry experts to plug and play their answers. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Points in its favour would be that they have sourced  smart quality collection of contributors. It also makes the book easy to format.

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A possible drawback might be reader fatigue, it can be hard to differentiate and assess each interviewees responses when you have so many of them coming at you, fast and furious. This makes it possibly one to read in the toilet, in small bursts, to be able to reflect on the latest pearls of wisdom. Overall there is a lot of wisdom and insights in this book, you just might need some time to reflect and absorb it all.

Another good point in its favour is that most of the interviewees are on Twitter and have their twitter handle listed. Which means you can then follow them and get a sense of the latest things they are musing on. If you are looking to quickly get up to speed on key cybersecurity issues then this is a timely and useful book.

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