Trello down: Office organisation tool breaks in middle of workday

Trello, the tool for organising tasks at work and elsewhere, has broken in the middle of the workday.

The company acknowledged that users might find the site and app slow, or that they might simply refuse to work at all. Some reported seeing just completely blank screens.

“Our engineering team is actively investigating this incident and working to bring Trello back up as quickly as possible,” Trello said.

“Users affected by this incident may notice that Trello is slow or completely unavailable in both the web and mobile apps.”

Trello allows users to create “boards” on which tasks can be added as cards. Those cards can then be edited, shared, as well as being a home for information, meaning that tasks can be tracked and monitored as teams work on them.

As such, it is a popular way for workplaces to keep watch on certain tasks, and get updates on how they are progressing.

But some people have also found a use for it in their personal or social lives, using it to organise everything from home chores to their social lives.

Trello posted to say that it was aware of the issue at 9.14am local eastern time, or 2.14 in the UK.

It said that it was working to get the service back online and would provide updates as it did.


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