Travelling through clouds

Travelling in a plane through clouds is a wonderful, magical experience no matter how much of a veteran flyer you are. Through the clouds, you see the world from a different perspective, with clear, limitless sky above and the goop of dust and earthly life below.

Then there’s the sheer beauty of passing through the cotton wool mist, as if you are not moving through space but through time. The sun’s rays can create dazzling effects – mini rainbows, halos, glories – but from your window seat, you can almost feel the wisps on your skin. The contrast between blue sky and white clouds is another passing point of awe.

The thrill of the unknown also creeps up on you when passing through clouds as they hide what lies below, creating a sense of mystery and curiosity. The clouds also change constantly, making your view never the same. And, suddenly, they part, showing you a habitation, city, mountain range or ocean below.

Travelling through clouds, you pass through the extraordinary. It reminds you of the possibilities that await us above.