Travel expert reveals 11 ways to make your holiday much cheaper this summer

A TRAVEL expert has revealed 11 ways to make holidays cheaper this summer – as Brits begin to feel the cost of living bite.

The rising cost of energy, gas and food has left families searching for cheaper ways to get abroad.

Flying abroad post-Covid does not need to break the bank


Flying abroad post-Covid does not need to break the bankCredit: Getty

And with the summer quickly approaching, consumer choice experts Which? have revealed the best ways to save money on holiday.

Their range of advice includes whether to sit together on the plane, paying in local currency and the usefulness of loyalty schemes.

  1. Shop around

Taking the time to weigh up prices using the best comparison websites could save a lot of cash, says Which?.

The consumer choice brand found using comparison sites like Trivago could help holiday-makers make “substantial savings”.

2. Book directly with the hotel

Booking directly with the hotel could be the way to make smart savings this holiday.

Which? found that travelers can get better rates or perks like free breakfasts or champagne on arrival by booking directly.

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3. Don’t assume the price has increased

Despite the problems of Covid and the controversial costs of testing, the average costs of flights to Europe have actually decreased compared to 2019.

It is now actually cheaper to get to popular holiday destinations for a summer trip, opening the door to sun-starved Brits.

4. Don’t pay to sit together on the plane

A group of four could pay up to £192 to reserve standard seats together on certain flights, making it a surefire way to overspend on a holiday.

Splitting up on the flight could help pocket cash for later in the holiday, even if it means sitting next to someone who snores on the plane.

5. Value for money hotel rooms

It is still possible to find good value hotel rooms, and paying more for one does not necessarily offer a good night’s sleep.

Which? found budget hotel chain Premier Inn offered high standard services at only £66 per night – and we found some from just £9.25 each a night.

6. Be wary of location

Visiting less well-known locations can have a big impact on how much holidaymakers have to fork out on hotels.

Less popular destinations both in the UK and abroad could see cheaper prices for hotels in the city, and more money staying in your pocket.

7. Book car hire in advance

Which? recommends booking a hire car as many as two months in advice.

They found prices steadily increased the later customers left to book.

8. Pay in local currency and use the right card

Travelers should always pay in the local currency to avoid being hit with worse exchange rates.

Starling Bank and Monzo offer fee-free overseas purchases and ATM withdrawals when using your debit card.

9. When to visit attractions

Most people want to go sightseeing once you get abroad, but you could get cheaper or even free admission if you go to some sites at off-peak times.

Museums like the Louvre in Paris offer free entry on the first Sunday of each month, for example, saving visitors 15 euros.

10. Last minute doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper

While booking hotels at the last minute can have its advantages, Which? say booking three months before travel makes the most sense.

That’s when prices are at their best and offer the most flexibility if someone needed to cancel.

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11. Sign up to loyalty schemes

While it won’t provide instant savings, Which? advise signing up to free loyalty schemes with hotel chains and booking websites to save money when booking trips away.

Some supermarket reward schemes such as Tesco Clubcard and Nectar often have partnerships with attractions and accommodation, so a good deal may not be far away.

You could save hundreds on your next holiday by shopping around


You could save hundreds on your next holiday by shopping aroundCredit: AP


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