Tourists gather to watch erupting volcano after explosions rock landscape

Tourists watch an eruption of Volcan de Fuego (EPA/Esteban Biba)

Tourists have been watching the recent eruptions of one of Guatemala’s most active volcanoes.

The Volcan de Fuego (or Chi Q’aq volcano) is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country as it is known for continuous explosions that rock the surrounding landscape.

Onlookers gathered atop the neighboring Acatenango volcano to see for themselves the mountain’s destructive power.

Local authorities are continually monitoring the 3,763-meter-high Volcan de Fuego and deliver warnings of incoming ash to local communities.

‘The activity of the Fuego volcano has been kept under constant monitoring, has registered an average of 12 to 18 weak, moderate and strong explosions between Monday and Tuesday,’ the spokesperson for Guatemala’s Coordinator for Disaster Reduction told local press this week.

Officials are monitoring the eruptions of the Volcan de Fuego (EPA/Esteban Biba)

Last month, another volcano in Guatemala provided the subject for a stunning photograph when it was struck by lightning during an eruption.

Astrophotographer Sergio Montúfar, took the photograph as volcanic ash escaped from the top of Volcán de Pacaya – another of the country’s active volcanoes.

He had planned to photograph the molten lava after a forecast had predicted clear skies – but ended up getting a much more dramatic result.

‘We planned to climb Volcán de Pacaya because the forecast said clear skies, but it was totally different up there,’ he said. ‘I was there to do an astrophotography of Volcán de Pacaya which has rivers of lava, I wanted to get the milky way over Volcán de Pacaya but the terrible storm didn’t let me.’

Lightning strikes the top of Volcán de Pacaya, an active volcano in Villa Canales (Sergio Montufar /

‘We expected clear skies, but that never happened and we got caught by the rain, then when the storm stopped and the clouds disappeared the volcano started displaying this amazing and breathtaking thunderstorm, so I decided to capture it.

‘I have never seen so many lighting strikes coming from the top of Volcán de Agua.’


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