Tory leadership: Round 4 to Round 5: How many votes did Boris, Gove and Hunt get?

The final three Tory leadership hopefuls have been whittled down to two after the final leadership ballot was revealed this evening. Conservative Party MPs voted earlier this afternoon which eliminated Sajid Javid from the race. The MPs voted once more this evening deciding the final two contenders who will now take their campaigns across the country to appeal to Conservative party members in wider party hustings before a final decision is made at the end of July. But how many votes did each of the contenders win in the final ballot?


The clear winner of this final ballot is Boris Johnson with 160 votes. 

Jeremy Hunt won the second spot, eliminating Michael Gove from the race.

How did the votes change since the fourth leadership ballot?

Sajid Javid was eliminated after the fourth ballot earlier today winning 34 votes – meaning his votes were up for grabs.

Boris Johnson won three votes since the vote this afternoon.

Jeremy Hunt gained 18 votes.

Michael Gove gained 14 votes.

But how have each of the candidates fared over the course of the ballots?

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been a clear frontrunner throughout the Tory leadership race.

During the first ballot he strode out ahead with 114 votes, 71 votes more than the next nearest candidate.

In the second ballot, Mr Johnson walked away with 126 votes, winning an additional 12 from the previous round.

The third round of voting has seen the face of the Leave campaign win 143 votes, taking an additional 17 from the ballot yesterday winning votes from the eliminated candidates from the previous ballots Rory Stewart and Dominic Raab respectively. 

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In the fourth round he won 157 votes, an increase of 14 from the previous round yesterday and now he has increased his lead again with an additional three votes in the final ballot.

Jeremy Hunt

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt was the second most popular candidate in each of the ballots, until the fourth ballot this afternoon.

During the first ballot he won 43 votes, putting him in the second position behind Boris Johnson.

Yesterday, he won an additional three votes out of the 50 available during the second leadership ballot.

In the third ballot, Mr Hunt has seen an increase to 54 votes, gaining 8 from the vote the day before, out of the 30 available and 10 lost by Mr Stewart. 

Following the fourth ballot, Jeremy Hunt won an additional 5 votes, increasing his total to 59.

In the final ballot this evening he won 18 votes, increasing his total to 77 votes.

Michael Gove

Environment secretary Michael Gove was a prominent member of the Leave campaign in 2016.

During the first ballot on Thursday, June 13, Michael Gove won 37 votes – putting him in third position behind Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

In the second leadership poll, Mr Gove won 41 votes – an increase of four votes from the previous round, out of the potential 50 up for grabs.

Yesterday, Michael Gove won 51 votes, an increase of 10 from the previous round, made up of the 30 votes from Dominic Raab supporters and the 10 lost by candidate Rory Stewart. 

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Today, Mr Gove won 61 votes, putting him second behind frontrunner Boris Johnson.

In the final ballot he has been eliminated from the race after winning an additional 14 votes, giving him a final total of 75. 



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