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A large number of businesses and startups in the UK have been on the receiving end of some of the most malicious cyber-attacks during the Covid-19 outbreak. The most common cyber threats against startups during the pandemic include:

  • Ransomware – where cybercriminals block access to a company’s data. They then either threaten to publish it or not let companies access it unless they pay a ransom.
  • Phishing – where cybercriminals try to elicit sensitive information either for financial gain or for accessing its data.
  • DDos Attacks – where attackers overwhelm a company with a large number of access requests which can ultimately disrupt it.
  • Computer Viruses – where a malicious form of code infects a website without the company’s knowledge.

While there seems to be no end to cyber threats, important precautions can always be taken to ensure your startup’s security and privacy.

Use VPN technology

Make sure you protect yourself with a VPN to ensure that your connection and data stays encrypted. In other words, a VPN will ensure that your privacy will stay protected from hackers and any other prying eyes. It will ensure safe file sharing and remote access, protect your IP, and encrypt the data and activities on your device.

Move to a cloud-based system

A cloud-based system will ensure that your employees can work remotely so that they don’t fall prey to cyberattacks while using their home Wi-Fi. Additionally, incorporate the practice of enabling two-factor authentication so that you keep your company protected from fraudsters posing as employees.

Educate your employees

Train your employees in the area of finding out cyber threats and other hacking techniques so they can recognize an attack when they see one. Make sure they keep their connection secure with adequate tools, understand how to recognize an authentic website through SSL technology, and don’t trust emails that come with unknown attachments or links. Additionally, make sure your employees feel comfortable to report a potential cybersecurity attack the moment they come across it to avoid harmful repercussions.

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Before you interact with any email or website, make sure you stop and analyze it so that you minimize the risks your startup may face from online attacks. It can be easy to ignore the threat of cyber attacks until you become its victim. This is why it’s essential to create your startup’s own security strategy.



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