Top French football pundit Pierre Menes apologises after harassment claims

A behemoth of French football punditry has taken to social media to issue his “sincerest apologies” after he became the latest prominent male to come under fire for alleged sexual harassment.

Pierre Ménès, a great bear of a man whose lively TV soccer commentaries have made him a household name in France, was always known for ribald remarks that verged on the unacceptable.

But times have changed and he is now being hauled over the coals for a series of incidents and lewd comments that date back several years.

After the #metoo movement kicked off in the United States in 2017 and brought down powerful men in Hollywood and elsewhere, French women also began publicly accusing famous men of sexual misconduct.

Few of their targets however lost their jobs or faced ostracism. But over the past year accusations and lawsuits against well-known figures such as the writer Gabriel Matzneff, the political commentator Olivier Duhamel, and TV news anchor Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, have sparked nationwide outrage.



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