Top 5 African Logistics Companies

Top 5 African Logistics Companies

Getting your products and shipment delivered around can be really hard if you are residing in Africa.

The Africa Reports states, “According to a recent Briter Bridges survey of logistics tech companies across the continent, 3 trends will shape the future of logistics in African markets: closing the urban-rural divide, the digitization of logistics, and the continued rise of B2B logistics companies.”

With only a handful of logistics companies around, it can be tough work when deciding which one to trust. But not any longer, check out our list of Top 5 African Logistics Companies below;

1. Kobo360

If you live in Nigeria, chances are you have heard of this amazing company that works with sophisticated logistics software. Kobo360 is an amazing logistics company that works to provide quality services for freight shipment and operations.

The company is currently based in Nigeria only, but the founder has plans to expand their services across borders in the near future.

Kobo360 is reliable and very affordable as well, in contrast to its high-quality service and trustworthy employees. The company services are ideal for both small- and large-scale businesses.

2. Sendy

This Kenyan based logistics company is ideal for new ventures, as they provide a  service which is both cheap and reliable. Sendy is also acquainted with a few renowned corporations, such as Toyota Tsusho and Safaricom, giving them further credibility.

The services provided by Sendy are currently only based in Kenya, however, the founder has plans to expand its branches across different countries in Africa soon.

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3. WhereIsMyTransport

Unlike the previously mentioned companies, WhereIsMyTransport is also branched outside of Africa as well.

The company is headquatered in Cape Town, South Africa, but has branches in the UK as well. Shipping or delivering large-scale items to and from the U.K is now easier and much faster for those residing in Africa.

WhereIsMyTransport provides services such as digital data collection, journey and destination planning as well as transport services to its valued clients. The company is very reliable, therefore catering to both small and large ventures.

4. Gokada

Perhaps the most trustworthy and internationally reliable logistics company on this list has to be Gokada. Founded in Lagos, this company offers boating services for clients as well.

The company is currently operating in Nigeria, but the founders have plans to branch out across Africa this year.

5. Lori Systems

Lastly, we have Lori Systems, which is a mass logistics company based across the sub-Saharan part of Africa. The company offers logisticsservices alongside cargo-transportation services.

Lori Systems is currently based in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, but clients can expect more branches across the continent soon.

Final Words

Whether you live in the northern part of Africa or the southern, this article features only the Top 5 African Logistics Companies, which offer a little something for every client across the entire continent.


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