Top 10 packing hacks for family holidays shared by mums including how to trick your kid into only bringing small toys

HOLIDAYS with small children can sometimes feel like anything but.

But while travelling with kids in tow and packing for a frantic family trip can leave anyone on edge, these top 10 tips can help you make the most out of your break.

Using these top holiday packing tips can save you space and de-stress your holiday


Using these top holiday packing tips can save you space and de-stress your holidayCredit: Getty

Mumsnet users have shared their best holiday packing hacks to de-stress your holiday – and save a few quid while you do it.

Pack A Pop-Up Washing Basket

Collecting everyone’s dirty holiday clothes can be one of the most frustrating ways to end a holiday.

To get around this, pack a pop-up washing basket to throw together all your family’s dirty clothes while you’re away.

Empty it out into a suitcase at the end of the holiday and it’s all in one convenient place.

Use Extension Sockets

Knowing which plug adapter to bring when going abroad can be one of the most confusing parts of going on holiday.

A big family holiday brings with it uncountable numbers of electronics, and sharing charging adapters for everything from tablets and smartphones to hair dryers can seem daunting.

One mum suggested making sure you pack a few 4-way extension sockets, which will provide plenty of plugs without needing to buy loads of adapters.

Photograph Your Luggage

Losing your luggage is one of the most stressful things than can happen on a holiday, and not getting it back quickly can throw off your whole trip.

Remembering to take a picture of your luggage could come in handy if the airline loses them – making them much easier and quicker to locate for a travel company or airport staff.

Pack Across Everyone’s Suitcase

Spreading everyone’s clothes in each other’s suitcases can also come in clutch if your luggage is lost.

Sharing space for spare clothes means that everyone will at least have something extra to wear if one goes missing.

Bring A Spare

Sharing clothes across luggage may not go far enough- which is why remembering to pack an extra change of clothes in your carry-on luggage is a tip for a worst case scenario.

If everyone’s suitcases go missing, having a spare change on the plane with you means you’ll at least be able to get out of those sweaty airport clothes before needing to buy more.

Invest In Some Packing Cubes

Arriving at the hotel only to have to sort through a big pile of clothes isn’t anyone’s favourite part of a holiday.

Being able to separate yours and your kids clothes out easily into beach and swim-wear, day clothes, and extras to wear in the evening, can make life a lot easier while you’re away.

Sorting with packing cubes can be a great way of dividing them out without any hassle.

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Use Charity Shops

Trips to the beach are an easy way to lose toys and holiday accessories.

One Mumsnet user recommended raiding charity shops for cheap toys you wouldn’t mind being lost, which can be a great way to save a few quid.

Throwing on some shiny stickers can also give them a new appeal.

Backpacks Can Save Space

Kids can often want to take all their favourite toys with them on holiday. Having enough space probably seems impossible, but one mum shared a handy trick to make the kids do the sorting for you.

Only letting them take enough to fit in a single backpack will be a huge space saver.

Travel Towels For Beach Days

Beach trips are notorious for causing a mess.

Packing some travel towels can be great for cleaning up those pesky ice cream spills, sticky juice, and itchy sand. Quick-drying, compact, and easy to wash, these towels are ideal for sandy days on the beach.

Take Extra

Only bringing enough clothes to last you the trip can come back to bite you, especially with small kids in tow.

Packing extra clothes can save you from needing to emergency-buy more later.


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