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September 14, 2021

Cryptocurrency Prices

Analytics Insight presents you with the top cryptocurrency prices in the market 

As the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, the cryptocurrency prices keep varying day by day and minute by minute. In such a case, it becomes difficult for investors to predict and invest in cryptocurrency. To help you with this, Analytics Insight presents you with the top 10 cryptocurrency prices in this article. These are the current cryptocurrency prices on September 14th, 2021. 

Bitcoin ( BTC)- US$45,275.90 (up by 1.39%)

Ethereum (ETH)- US$3,296.61 (up by 0.61%) 

Cardano (ADA)- US$2.40 (down by 1.28%)

Tether (USDT)- US$1.00 (up by 0.07%)

Binance Coin (BNB)- US$401.33 (up by 0.57%)

XRP (XRP)- US$1.07 (up by 0.63%)

Solana (SOL)- US$166.18 (up by 3.72%)

Polkadot (DOT)- US$35.70 (down by 0.54%)

Dogecoin (DOGE)- US$0.2376 (down by 1.27%)

USD Coin (USDC)- US$1.00 (up by 0.05%)

The cryptocurrency prices here are according to the CoinMarketCap, which is a global cryptocurrency market cap with US $2.07T with a volume of US $2,068,063,077,095 billion over the past 24hrs with an increase of 1.46% over the last day.

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