Too much free time means internet trolls have been worse than ever – Poc Network

With the ongoing pandemic that has been putting a lot of stress on families at home in regions struck hardest by the virus still, many continue to be stuck with minimizing their trips outside to help reduce the spread of things. With that, comes boredom. Since this is something that affects everyone, this also means internet trolls are amongst the crowd with far too much free time on their hands.

These internet trolls make their rounds through your favorite social media networks, blogs, forum communities, YouTube videos, and more–simply looking for whatever trouble they can start with their typing. Using comments/replies to raise reactions out of people, usually by being hateful, sarcastic, rude, or even threatening.

It is always best when you run into someone like that, to completely ignore them. Many times, they are actually a teenager or younger child, so not exactly someone you’d feel smart arguing with if you let it get to you (nor would you be helping their upbringing any by feeding into it).

Sadly, many people can’t take sarcasm/criticism and these trolls use that to their advantage. The results can be hurtful or even damaging, as it is no different than a bully running around a schoolyard psychologically attacking other children.

So as they increase their efforts to spread hate and discouragement, you should work even harder at ignoring them and moving on. Don’t let it affect your day. Don’t respond. Instead, remember that their hate is generally fed by something in their own lives that has damaged them. They too are likely a victim, using this as a method of acting out and taking it out on the rest of the world. Just ignore it, and move on. Life it too short to let things like that get to you (and filled with so many wonderful things you can spend your attention on).

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