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Janover Ventures Launches Investment Campaign Raising up to $1,070,000 to Help Build The Future of Commercial Real Estate.

BOCA RATON, May 31, 2020 — JanoverVentures, a Fintech (financialtechnology) company focused on …

Fund That Flip Launches New Fund to Meet Increased Demand for Diversified Short-Term Real Estate Investments

NEW YORK, NY, April 22, 2020 — FundThat Flip, a leading peer-to-peerreal estate lending platform,recently announced the launch of the … A Solution at Hand for Support in Uncertain Times

As social distancing forces millionsinto isolation,’s instantmoney transfer infrastructure proveskey for people worldwide to continuesupporting their loved ones. With …

How will COVID-19 affect the Peer to Peer Industry?

The emergence of the COVID-19 virusin China in late 2019 has triggered aglobal health crisis that quicklyspilled over into the world economyas governments across the globe …

Wisefund Launches Easy Funding Program for COVID 19 Affected European Businesses

At a time when thousands ofbusinesses across the globe faceclosures and severe negative economicimpact due to the outbreak of COVID …


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