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By 2020, civil society will be hugely close together. Racing Point, Renault, Ferrari and McLaren barely avoid each other, so every development counts and the details can make all the difference. At McLaren they are taking a different philosophy from the other teams for 2022, explains technical director James Key in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport.

We do not align our development strategy with that of our opponents because we do not know it before the start of the season. There are three reasons for our own strategy. Firstly, we provide room to react to the test results in the winter test. Only then will you see the weaknesses“, Key says.

McLaren sees no major problems

Secondly, because our normal programme predates the corona crisis and, finally, because the rules are changing and they have forced us to take certain steps. One of the reasons why McLaren has little room for development until 2022 is because they are changing engine suppliers. “Because of that engine change, we don’t have any tokens for 2021. All planned changes have to be made this year“.

Key expects that there would be less pressure at McLaren if they were given specific chassis tokens. “That’s what I expect. The car would look very different because of the different engine. We are not complaining, the FIA had to make quick decisions in this unpredictable situation. The focus was on saving money. You can’t take into account the special situation of a single team“, says Key.

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