'Today's social care delay shows the Tories remain for the few, not the many'

We know Boris Johnson lied when he claimed two years ago that he had a social care plan and every extra day’s delay will inflict misery on those who need help.

Delaying an announcement until autumn because the PM, Chancellor and Health Secretary are all isolating is fresh evidence that agreement has yet to be reached on a scheme, or it could be unveiled from Chequers.

And if raising National Insurance for employers and employees is the supposed answer, the Tories are heading in the wrong direction when better financial options exist.

Imposing a levy on inheritances, raising capital gains tax or funding care from income tax are all fairer.

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What Johnson wants to do is protect higher earners and the wealthy. The Conservatives remain for the few, not the many.

Climate chaos

While many are enjoying the warm weather, global heating and the climate emergency are dangerous.

Public Health England’s heat-health alert extended to Friday is another alarm bell ringing as across the globe we witness lethal weather extremes.

From fatal flooding on the Continent to lethal temperatures in the US and Canada, we’re seeing the consequences of abusing the planet.

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Most of the cranks who denied human-made climate change have piped down, silenced by overwhelming evidence.

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Keeping the world’s increase in temperature below 1.5C, is a colossal battle. Winning won’t be easy. Losing will be much worse.

Another planet

Jeff Bezos is yet another billionaire with more money than he could ever spend.

He played spaceman on the backs of low-paid Amazon workers and delivery couriers.

He and fellow playboy astronauts, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, should pay fair on Earth.

Instead they flaunt vast riches with jet planes and hot air about doing it for the good of mankind, rather than their own huge egos.



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