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On a daily basis, we all get a huge number of spam text messages, calls, emails, and more. It gets really daunting as we cannot delete the text each time we receive them. But, how can we get rid of such spam texts and declutter our phones or other gadgets? Well, there are ways for iPhone users to block spam texts. Blocking spam texts is important to avoid online scams as some scammers use it to trick users into stealing information and money from them. Therefore, check out ways on how iPhone users can stop spam texts.

iPhone spam texts: How to block

One way to get rid of spam text on iPhones is by using the “Filter unknown sender” feature. This feature will enable users to separate spam texts and contact texts in a separate folder. To switch on this iPhone feature, go to settings and tap on “Messages”. Now, simply turn on the toggle placed on the right side of “Filter unknown sender.” Now, all of your spam texts will go to a different iMessage folder.

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Another way to avoid spam text messages is to block specific senders. This can be utilised when you notice multiple texts from a single spam number. Blocking the specific number on your iPhone will completely block them from texting to your number. To block specific messages, open the spam message and tap on their number. Now, go to “info” and at the bottom, you will see the “Block this caller” option, now tap on “Block Contact.”

To block spam texts on iPhones, users can also report the sender as spam. For spam messages, Apple provides a flag service that enables iPhone users to flag the contact by selecting “Report Junk” and then simply tapping on “Delete and Report Junk.”

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These are some of the ways through which you can block spam texts on your iPhone. However, note that this does not block spam calls as the above-mentioned steps are only for the iMessage app.


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