Tips for getting a good holiday deal in the January sales

Here are six tips for getting a good deal:

1. Check prices for flying on different days

While it’s great to opt for a discounted deal, you should check how this varies across different days. If you can be flexible with your arrangements, you might find prices slump even further.

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By shifting your holiday by just a few days, you may be surprised by the price difference. For example, travelling over weekends or on a Friday is typically far more expensive than arriving on a Tuesday.

2. Cut the extras

Transfers, supplements, and some meals may cost you extra. What do you really need? 

Avoid ticking those that aren’t essential, and you’ll reduce the price – unless you’re opting for a package deal with everything included. If you’ve got kids, find out if they can travel for free.

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3. Go to different operators

Get a price from one tour operator, and use it to haggle with another. Use online travel agent sites to find the best deals, and call another to see if they’ll beat the price. 

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Be polite and charming, and simply ask if they’ll negotiate because you’ve seen the same holiday for far less elsewhere. If they won’t, try another.

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4. Make sure you are comparing total costs

You want to ensure that any luggage prices and transfers are factored into the price, to compare like-for-like across a range of holiday deals. If you’re unsure what’s included, call and ask. 

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All operators are battling to get your custom, but make sure the price isn’t masking the fact that – for example – you have to find your own way to the resort.

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5. Book now for school holidays

The price for traveling over Easter and half term can skyrocket – and typically rise closer to departure times. If possible, booking now could save you forking out far more than necessary closer to the date. This compares to travel outside these periods, when some tour operators may struggle to fill places on flights and at hotels. 

For school holidays there are unlikely to be last-minute discount options.

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6. Sign up to email newsletters

If you can’t find the holiday you want, or don’t have the cash to book yet, use this time to see what’s available and sign up to newsletters. You may want to do this anyway to find out about future deals, so you can grab them when you can.

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