TikTok Shares Insights into the Usage Behaviors of Canadian Users

TikTok has shared some new data into the in-app engagement behaviors of Canadian users, based on user surveys and usage insights.

The report specifically looks at how Canadian TikTokers engage around different celebrations and events in the app, including shopping-based events, and the Christmas holiday period.

Which could be interesting insight for your TikTok strategy, highlighting how to make more resonant, engaging content around these key moments.

First off, the data shows that Candian TikTokers see the platform as a place for joyful expression and being your true self.

TikTok Canadian report

This is one of the areas where TikTok has seen particular success, in encouraging participation from users, whereas other platforms have seen a reduction in public posting. TikTok’s participatory memes lead to more contributions, which shifts the overall approach to the app.

The data then digs more deeply into specific events, including key shopping days:

TikTok Canadian report

And how users look to engage in the holiday period:

TikTok Canadian report

It also looks at how specific communities and moments are celebrated by TikTok users, providing more context for themed promotions:

TikTok Canadian report

While TikTok has also included a listing of key takeaways for marketers:

TikTok Canadian report

There are some handy notes and pointers here, which could influence how you approach your TikTok content. And if you can get it right, it could be a good way to drive more interest in your brand via TikTok clips.

You can read TikTok’s fill study notes here.


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