TikTok Announces 'Ready, Set, Grow' Summit for SMBs

Are you looking to add TikTok into your digital marketing mix?

The platform has gone through a raft of challenges over the past year, and emerged even stronger, with the app now on track to become the next billion-user platform. It seems that, barring a Government ban (still somewhat possible), TikTok is here to stay, while its allure remains strong among younger audiences in particular.

If you’ve been watching on, but unsure where to get started with your own TikTok presence, the platform’s upcoming marketing summit may be just what you need.

Today, TikTok has announced its first-ever ‘Ready, Set, Grow’ summit for SMBs.

TikTok growth summit

As explained by TikTok:

“Ready Set Grow is designed to help everyone grow their familiarity and understanding of the platform, and learn how to set their business up for success on TikTok. An engaging day of unlocking TikTok’s magic with creators, experts and business owners, while dispelling TikTok myths – and helping businesses find the answers, inspiration and confidence they need to get started.”

Dispelling myths seems like an interesting point of order here, pointing to the noted challenges of 2020.

The agenda for the day includes sessions on:

  • TikTok SMB Success Stories
  • Creator Q and A
  • A Beginner’s Guide to TikTok
  • Getting Your Business on TikTok
  • Building Ad Creative
  • Setting Up Your Shopify with TikTok

A range of business owners, platform influencers and internal experts will take part in these sessions, providing insights and knowledge on each element.

Which could be hugely valuable for those considering their opportunities. And again, with TikTok on track to surpass a billion users, and an increasing focus on eCommerce options, it’s likely becoming a bigger point of focus for many brands.

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You can read more about the event, and sign-up to attend (for free) here.



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