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Social media allows you to stay updated and connected. Whether to upload photos or videos, comment on other people’s posts or communicate with people from different parts of the world, people are attracted to social networking sites, including Instagram. A survey from market research company Global Web Index suggested that internet users spend an average of two hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms.

As more content is uploaded on Instagram and as more people use the social networking site, take note of these three important points on how to effectively manage and improve your Instagram account.

1. Interesting content

Interesting content does not always mean good editing or sticking to one color for your feed, but it’s how you express yourself through your content without telling too much. In creating interesting content, start focusing on one theme. If you want to highlight unique cafes in Jakarta, make sure you describe the details and overall ambiance of the cafe without saying too much in the caption or making too many edits in the photo or video.

Brian Lim, video director of Gushcloud Talent Agency, highlights the importance of telling stories through photos and videos.

“Interesting content is actually a photo or video that speaks. Without us reading the caption or turning on the audio-video, we already know the purpose of the photo or video. [The] caption is also a more detailed explanation of the photo or video. It would be better if you make an interactive caption,” he said.

2. Engagement is key

Engaging with your followers can go a long way. A comment or a like is a sign that your followers love your content and it’s important that you respond to them. Talk to them and ask their opinions on your content or ask for suggestions. Do not limit yourself to words – use emojis to make it more interactive and fun.

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3. Be consistent

One of the most difficult but most important tasks in effectively managing your social media is to stay consistent. If you want people to see you in their Instagram feed, upload more content. Try to upload at least one photo or video per day. The more you do, the more likely you are to be seen. The challenge with staying consistent is keeping your content fresh. Give your audience a variety of content to keep them coming back to your Instagram.

Social media has a significant influence on building personal branding. The more you create attractive content, the more people will follow and want content from you. More importantly, it will lead you to more connections, especially to those who have the same interests as you. (wng)


Edo Oktorano is Gushcloud Indonesia’s director of marketing. As one of the core members of the management team, Edo is responsible for the company’s sales and profit performance, brand imaging and strategic operating plans.

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